Structure Of Little Athletics

Structure Of Little Athletics

LAA – Little Athletics Australia

Two Delegates from each State and Territory control this National body. Between Conferences an honorary President and Secretary/Treasurer who are elected at the Conference, administer ALA.

LAWA – Little Athletics Western Australia

This State body has quarterly Meetings attended by two Delegates from each affiliated Centre.  Between Meetings an honorary Board of Management consisting of Members who are elected by and responsible to the Association administer the Association.  A full time paid CEO carries out the day to day Management of the Association.

ZONE – A Group of Centres in the Area

The Zone is responsible for the conduct of the Zone Heats and Quarterfinals of WALA State Track and Field Championships.

CENTRE – A Group of Clubs in an Area

The Centre has an Executive Committee elected at the Centre Annual General Meeting. The Executive Committee administers the Centre and is responsible for Centre Meetings which may be attended by two Delegates from each affiliated Club at times during the Season.

CLUB- A Group of Registered Athletes in an Area

The Club has a Committee drawn from Parents of registered Athletes and other interested persons.  The Committee arranges running the Club, Training for the registered Athletes and organises Social activities.