Winter Cross Country

Winter Cross Country and Road Walks

The Winter Program runs from April to August each Season and is open to all registered Centre Athletes.
The competition is alternated between Cross Country Runs & Road Walks each Saturday afternoon at various locations. The Program for each Meeting will commence at 1:00pm excluding the State Championships which will start at times to be advised.

Cross Country Runs


U7, 8, 9 1500 metres
U10, 11, 12 2000 metres
U13-17 3000 metres

Competitors must record a minimum of four (4) Cross Country times to be eligible for State Championships.

Road Walks


U7, U8, U9 1000 metres
U10, U11, U12 1500 metres
U13-17 2000 metres

Competitors must record a minimum of four (4) Roadwalks times to be eligible for State Championships. DQ is a time recorded.

2015 Winter Guide

For a List of the current and previous Centre Winter Results & Medalists please click on link below; RLAC Winter State Championships Results RUNS – 2013-14RLAC Winter State Championships Results RUNS – 2012-13

What is a Handicap race?

A Handicap race encourage participants of all abilities to take part in the same race, with each participant having an equal chance of crossing the finish line at the same time.

In the race itself, the participants will not all start at the same time, but the starts are staggered based on handicaps at 30 second, 60 second, 90 second, and 2 minute intervals. The slowest runner/walker starts first and the fastest starts last, making for an exciting race finish. An ideal handicap race is one in which all participants finish approximately at the same time.

When an athlete races for the first time in a season, if it is not a scheduled ‘scratch race’ (meaning everyone starts at the same time) the athlete will start with the slowest runners.  Based upon their actual time, an appropriate handicap will then be assigned for their next race.  Their handicap be re-assessed after each race throughout the season and athletes will be advised of their handicap when they marshal.

It is important to remember that the handicap system is in place to allow all athletes of differing abilities the opportunity to compete and cross the finish line at the same time.  With our youngest athletes we appreciate this may be confusing if they then look at ResultsHQ and see a different race placing.  It is up to each family to decide how and when you wish to try to explain the handicap system to your children, but we encourage all families in the spirit of FUN, FAMILY & FITNESS to celebrate the kids participation and placement on the day, and talk in the language of striving to achieve a personal best.