Photographs taken by Ridgewood of your child or yourself in attendance at a Ridgewood Event / Function, may be utilised for any legal / appropriate purpose whatsoever, including (but not by way of limitation) illustration, promotion, advertising, trade, etc. Such photographs may be published in any medium and may be labelled with the name of the person/s in the photograph and the event at which the photograph was taken.



Ridgewood LAC have put together a range of Sports Shorts for our Athletes which can be worn at both Saturday Competition days with your Club Uniform or State Run Events such as Relays, etc. We have put together three different styles to help suit all Athletes tastes. The Shorts are Navy Blue and all have Ridgewood LAC written on them. As Parents it is very hard to find a good Competition Short within a good price range without a logo or stripes on them. We hope that the Uniforms Range we have put together will take out the expence and difficulty in finding these items. We also feel that on Competition days, Zones or Championships that all our Athletes will feel comfortable and proud to be part of Ridgewood LAC.

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