Centre Insurance

The Registration Fee paid to Ridgewood LAC includes an Insurance Levy for Accidents, Injury and Public Liability. The Insurance is taken out on behalf of all Centres by the Western Australian Little Athletics Association and provides cover for registered Athletes, Coaches, Officials and Parent Helpers in an official capacity, either at official Club Training or at Competition Meets.

In order to be covered, certain Conditions must be met.

For further details, you should contact either the Centre Secretary or LAWA Head Office.

In the case of an Accident, Injury Claim or potential Claim, the appropriate form must be completed and submitted to the Centre Secretary without delay.

Insurance Claim Forms are available from the Centre Secretary, Arena Manager or Centre First Aid Officer.

NO unregistered Athletes can Train or Compete at Club Venues or Ridgewood Oval.

It will be stressed that all Officials, Parents and Athletes must be aware of the following:

  • Insurance Cover requirements before taking part in Little Athletics activities
  • Ridgewood LAC Safety requirements put in place for Training and Competition Meets

For more information please refer to your Centre ‘Information Handbook’