Centre Captains and Vice Captains

The Ridgewood Little Athletics Centre would like to congratulate the following Athletes for their selection as Centre Captains and Vice Captains for the upcoming Athletics Season.

The Centre Committee awards the Centre Captaincy & Vice Captaincy based on the Selection Policy and Criteria as outlined below for the possible recipients of this honour to represent our Centre as leaders.

Current Centre Captains & Vice Captains for this Season are:

 IMG_0005  IMG_0009  IMG_0014  IMG_0023


Jayden Harriman

Vice Captain

Mitchell Coffey


Libby Warren


 Vice Captain

Delaney Smith


Season Captain Club Vice Captain Club
2007-08 BOYS Jacob PRITCHARD Clarkson
GIRLS Sheree BOASE Yanchep
2008-09 BOYS Luke ZELLER Mindarie
GIRLS Sheree BOASE Yanchep
2009-10 BOYS Ben KING Quinns Dale HENNIGHAN Clarkson
GIRLS Kaitlyn PARKER Yanchep Taya WOODHOUSE Mindarie
2010-11 BOYS Dale HENNIGHAN Clarkson Matt KING Quinns
GIRLS Kaitlyn PARKER Yanchep Taya WOODHOUSE Mindarie
2011-12 BOYS Matt KING Quinns Christopher BOYLEN Clarkson
GIRLS Bree-Anna HENNIGHAN Clarkson Gemma MANN Clarkson
2012-13 BOYS Jakob ZELLER Mindarie Luke BIESSEL Clarkson
GIRLS Breanna BROWN QUINNS Jasmine KEMPA Yanchep
2013-14 BOYS Carl VINE Mindarie Jarrad HARRIMAN Mindarie
GIRLS Kendra CAMPBELL Yanchep Jemma BROWN Quinns
2014-15 BOYS Jack BIESSEL Clarkson Bradley MANN Clarkson
GIRLS Emily WATSON Mindarie Emily EBERT Mindarie
2015-16 BOYS Bradley MANN Clarkson Jordan NASH Clarkson
GIRLS Delaney SMITH Quinns Libby WARREN Quinns
2016-17 BOYS Jayden HARRIMAN Mindarie Mitchell COFFEY Yanchep
GIRLS Libby WARREN Quinns Delaney SMITH Quinns

Centre Captains Policy