Burnett Award

The Burnett Award is named after the founding President Henry Burnett and his family for their contribution to the Ridgewood Little Athletics Centre.

This Trophy is awarded by the Ridgewood Executive Committee to the Athlete chosen from the Nominations sent in by each Club which best meets the Centre Criteria.

For a List of the current or previous Centre Burnett Award Winners please see below List;

Season Award Nominations Club Winner Club
2004/05 Sheree Boase YANCHEP
2005/06 Blake Phillips MINDARIE
2006/07 Luke Major MINDARIE
2007/08 Sheree Boase YANCHEP
2008/09 Jevon Proctor CLARKSON
2009/10 Kaitlyn Parker YANCHEP
2010/11 Emma Tutty BUTLER
2011/12 Alexie Dowley BUTLER Bradley Mann CLARKSON
Bradley Mann CLARKSON Alexie Dowley BUTLER
Emma Watson MINDARIE
2012/13 Dylan James BUTLER Emma Tutty MINDARIE
Luke Biessel CLARKSON
Breanna Brown QUINNS
Jasmine Kempa YANCHEP
2013/14 Dylan James BUTLER Aniesha Bennett QUINNS
Jack Biessel CLARKSON
Jarrad Harriman MINDARIE
Aniesha Bennett QUINNS
Courtney Parker YANCHEP
2014/15 Dylan James BUTLER Courtney Parker YANCHEP
Ben Biessel CLARKSON
Emily Ebert MINDARIE
Libby Warren QUINNS
Courtney Parker YANCHEP
2015/16 Jesse Dowley BUTLER Bradley Mann CLARKSON
Bradley Mann CLARKSON
Shaun Smith MINDARIE
Libby Warren QUINNS