Athlete Funding

Ridgewood Little Athletics Centre encourages and recognises those of our Centre Athletes who excel in their chosen events, contributed to the Centre and shown commitment to their Sport.

Ridgewood LAC will consider providing limited financial assistance to those Centre Athletes who are selected and / or qualify for the following Meets;

  1. Under 13’s Australian National Little Athletics Championships
  2. Under 15’s Combined Event at Australian National Little Athletics Championships
  3. WALA International Meet – Singapore / Malaysian

Further to the above Funding, The Ridgewood LAC have implemented an Under 12’s Athlete Scholarship for Athletes who excel at the WA State Championships to have additional Training in their chosen events to assist with their development for possible selection in the Under 13’s State Team.

Conditions for Eligibility

  • Athlete must be registered with Ridgewood LAC for the Season
  • Athlete must have been a Member of Ridgewood LAC for at least two (2) Seasons prior
  • Athlete has demonstrated a commitment to Ridgewood LAC including his or her family satisfied their Parent Rosters and assist generally
  • Athlete may apply for Financial Assistance on one only occasion per Season
  • If approved, the Athlete will receive Funding upon demonstrating Documentation for Meet has been booked and paid for
  • Centre Funding is limited to a maximum amount of $200 per Athlete per Calendar year plus their Registration paid the following season


Any decisions on Athlete Funding is entirely at the discretion of the Centre Executive Committee after consultant with Committee Members and Clubs.

The amount of Funding to each Athlete is entirely at the discretion of the Centre Committee.


For more information please refer to your Centre ‘Information Handbook’