About Us

Welcome to Ridgewood Little Athletics Centre

Ridgewood Oval, Hester Ave, Ridgewood, WA 6030

Track and Field Events are held for both Boys and Girls from Under 6’s to Under 17’s. No previous experience with Athletics is required. The Centre is divided into five local Clubs that train on a weekly basis at various locations on selected Training Days. All five Clubs come together on Saturday morning for a program of Events. The full Competition Program is covered over a two week period which includes all Summer Events. Ridgewood also offers Training for the Winter Season Competition, which includes Cross Country Running and Road Walks, where the Athletes gets to compete against other Centre’s all around the State representing our great Centre.
Personal Best is every Athletes goal, have fun and learn along the way.

Little Athletics Motto                      FAMILY / FUN / FITNESS

Toddlers Races

Each Saturday we try and give the younger brothers and sisters a 50m Toddler Race. They love their time on the Track and it add`s to the “Family Fun” of Little Athletics at Ridgewood. This is not always possible due to the running of the Athletes Weekly Programs but we will always try fit it in.

Things To Remember About Kids Sport

Athletics is based on Parent help and Volunteers, it is very important that we all help out, from Club level to Competition days. Without dedicated Parents from yesterday, today and tomorrow, Ridgewood LAC wouldn`t be the thriving success that it is of now. Help keep this Centre growing by helping us to help our kids.

Parent`s and Guardians on Roster

Without the help of many of you Parents / Guardians the Saturday Competition Days wouldn`t be able to run. Each and every Competition day there will be Parent Rosters from each Club sent out so that the work load is spread out evenly. Each Club has a Event Site to operate with Parent Helpers allocated each week. If the Parent Helpers decide not to turn up that then means that someone else from their Club will have to fill that Roster. We all love to watch our Athletes compete, so not showing up will only put a further load upon a family who has probrably done their fair share of Rosters. Please consider other Families, your Club and your own Athlete when you are on Roster.

RLAC Roster Policy

Queries or Complaint`s on Competition Days
If you feel there is the need for a Query or Complaint to be made. Please see your Club Committee Member who will then in turn go and see the Centre Arena Manager. The Arena Manager will deal with the matter with assistance from the Event Referee or the Executive Ridgewood Committee. Please try to refrain from reacting or challenging the Parent Officials or Helpers right there and then as this will been seen by all the little Athetes and cause further stress.

RLAC Frequently Asked Question’s – 2013-14